The online (at-your-desk) Mail Merge 3-Part Boot Camp starts September 10th at Noon Eastern.  There are so many great reasons to join!  Here are the top 10 to help you decide if this course is for you. Let’s master the mail merge process so that you can produce better results faster, eliminate anxiety and reduce errors!


Why you should join us…

10. We’re using YOUR technology. Vickie will be teaching using the latest technology for both PC and Mac, and will provide tips from previous versions when applicable. Vickie won’t leave you hanging!

9. Guided learning. This course is interactive and engaging. Vickie guides you throughout the Boot Camp and you’ll receive homework assignments after each session to reinforce the skills you’ve learned. It’s not about watching Vickie do the work. You’ll do the work too!

8. Live Q&A with Vickie. All questions will be answered during the Boot Camp or follow up Office Hours call. In fact, you will have a couple of months to practice and get your holiday mailing ready to go between the September Boot Camp and the November Office Hours call. Capture all of your questions during our time apart and attend Office hours with real-world problems for us to solve.

7. Replay the course throughout the year. You’ll have the replay for your learning library, which never expires. Perfect for when you have the mid-year merge or that last minute request… “Hey, we should use the email mail merge to send out these 75 emails to our clients. That way we can personalize them instead of putting everyone in the bcc field.” And for those who can’t attend the live sessions either because of scheduling conflicts, time zone or if you’ve caught this AFTER the course ended, not to worry. The Boot Camp will be available on-demand. Sign up to get access to the training to watch when it’s most convenient for you.

6. Go beyond the basics of Mail Merge. Not only will you learn how to produce form letters, agreements, certificates, emails, table tents, name tags and labels, we’ll solve real-life problems such as how to keep your email mail merge in draft form vs. sending live email, which is the default (#recipefordisaster) and how to create double-sided table tents.

5. Rock your data file. Unlike any Mail Merge course you’ve ever attended, we are going to roll up our sleeves and learn Vickie’s data analyst secrets to cleaning up and managing the data to help save hours of time and significantly reduce errors, such as:

  • understand the difference between dynamic and static data to successfully streamline your process and save time
  • identify all of your upstream data sources and combine them into one source for your merge
  • set up your downstream data source to prevent you from having to manually update your list over and over again
  • properly get your holiday card list ready for this year’s mailing
  • clean up data that is all over the place such as: first name and last name issues, capitalization problems, and extracting key pieces of information
  • paste new data that will get cleaned up automatically

4. Discover automating and troubleshooting secrets. In module 3 we are going to see how to setup your process this time to make it easier for next time, troubleshoot common issues, and learn how to properly format dates and currency data in your Word file.

3. Practical and relevant for today! It’s not your old mail merge class. It is universally relevant in today’s work environment and ideal for Assistants (and those who need an assistant), meeting planners, finance professionals, marketing and HR departments and more! And if you are pursuing a professional certification, this course may qualify you for continuing education credits. We’ve provided a certification map for MOS, IAAP’s CAP, APC’s PACE, MPI’s CMP.

2. Correct really bad habits that cost you time and that produce embarrassing errors. Practical real world examples outlining the old way (bad habits) vs new way (good habits). You won’t want to go back to the bad habits. EVER.

and the #1 reason to join….

1. It will be fun! We want this boot camp to produce real results that change the way your work and change the way you learn. Let’s make acquiring new skills and breaking bad habits FUN!