Audience Favorite
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Recommended by IT Pros
“You are *the* reason I come to this conference!!”
Leanne Michels, Executive Assistant, Johnson Controls

Vickie’s Signature General Session

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who will inspire and entertain your audience eager to use their new productivity skills right away?

You’ve come to the right place.

Perfect for all skill levels, I share timesaving, relevant, and practical Microsoft productivity tips to boost employee results and help companies realize a higher return on their technology investment.

I make sure your audience leaves with skills they can implement right away so that your event creates real value for attendees and for their companies. And we have a blast! My improv comedy background and over 20 years business & law firm experience makes learning technology both fun and relevant, leaving your audience energized, inspired and hungry for more.

As an added value to the presentation, the full-color “100 Tips” guide can be given to each attendee as a take away to help them retain the information from the session.

This is not your typical technology presentation.

It is jaw-dropping, life changing and ideal for a general session or right after lunch when attendees need to be inspired and entertained and kept awake!

“Thank you so much! I hope to see you again at a conference in the future! I truly believe learning from you has changed my working life! Not only the knowledge but more confidence!! Thanks!”
Laura Lewis, Executive Assistant, Texas Board of Nursing
“I learnt more in 90 minutes of session with Vickie than I did over the 4 months of my post-graduate class.”
Taryn Daneman, Assistant, Officiating, National Hockey League, Toronto
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Benefits for you — the meeting planner

“The entire conference and weekend paid for itself after 30 minutes from Vickie!”
Kay Spooner, Executive Assistant to Country Head, Diabetes Care, Roche Diagnostics
  • Practical content your attendees will LOVE
  • Easily applicable to a mixed audience and skill level
  • Entertaining and fun!
  • Memorable for days, weeks, months and years to come

Resulting in

  • Attendees leave your event knowing how to work less AND better
  • High survey marks — 98% of attendees will want this speaker back
  • Speaker will be a draw for your next event
  • Attendees experience an immediate ROI for your event
“Honestly – Vickie’s marketing material says ‘Jaw-dropping Tips and Tricks’. I’ve now chaired a couple of conferences where Vickie was speaking and the Assistants’ jaws literally dropped open as she presented! She even had a marriage proposal from one of the EAs at the last event we attended together. Absolutely superb!”
Lucy Brazier, CEO, Marcham Publishing
“Once again you hit it out of the park! Thank you for coming back to Minneapolis to present. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say they could listen to you all day. That’s an amazing compliment. We’re already working on next year’s program. I’m hoping you’ll be joining us again.”
Katie Nadeau, Director of Operations, Minnesota Business Partnership

About the session

“Timesaving (and jaw-dropping) Microsoft productivity tips”

In this engaging session based on Vickie’s bestselling “100 Tips” series, discover quick and easy productivity hacks in Word, Excel, PowerPoint (and more) that will help you deliver better results faster by using more of the technology you know and love: Microsoft Office. You’ll discover how to eliminate bad habits and unessential work so that you can:

  • Get more done in your day
  • Reduce late hours at the office, and
  • Execute flawlessly

No more wasting hours of time when working on an assignment. No more feeling paralyzed by the latest technology. You’ll have everything you need to leverage the tools you have at your fingertips!

Key Takeaways

  • Master exciting Windows tips you’ll be sharing with your colleagues and friends
  • Learn how to *instantly* format documents in Word that just might make you cry and make you want to get back to your desk to try
  • Discover secrets to managing and formatting your lists in Excel that will transform the way you work and save you hours of time
  • Effortlessly convert dull bulleted slides into meaningful visuals, and more…
Note: this session applies to all versions of Microsoft Office for PC

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Target Audiences

  • Assistants and those who need one
  • Executives
  • Event and Meeting Planners
  • Business users
  • Business owners and solopreneurs
  • HR Professionals
  • Finance Professionals
  • Any business audience who uses Microsoft productivity tools

Available formats for meeting planners

This session is ideal for:

  • Large conferences (100-500+ audience)
  • Networking & Professional Development Meetings (evening programming)

Session Lengths

  • 60-minute session
  • 90-minute session – Most popular with meeting planners
  • 2-hour session – Audience favorite

Our new “Meeting-in-a-box” option for groups who want to host this session for their networking group.

  • Programming for up to three meetings
  • Meeting host can play, pause, and rewind the on demand video
  • Includes a facilitator guide for the host with all the instructions on how to host the session. Very little work required!
  • Includes survey questions and optional link to freebies/survey and other resources
  • Perfect back up training if another speaker cancels
  • Ideal for groups with smaller budgets

What your attendees will say…

Inspiring & life changing

“I am marking my calendar as a day that changed my life!”
Almas Sami, Owner, Sohaja Publishing Company
“Your class has changed my life – not just my day, but my life. I’m so at rest right now. I am walking away full of life and knowledge. Finally going to be able to leave work on time to spend with my family because I’m working more efficiently. Thank you!”
Victouria Lecoq, Executive Assistant
“My mind has been blown away. Vickie has inspired me to “get with it”. With technology I used to view it as doing my laundry. Vickie has erased that mindset! She has motivated me to get certified, do the webinars and improve myself. Thank you, Vickie!”
Erica Lamanna, Advisor & Senior Board Coordinator, Metrolinx, Toronto
“You’ve changed my life. I didn’t realize how much more there is to learn about Microsoft Software! You make me feel like I can be an active part of this ever-growing technological society, and that it’s not as hard as it looks after all!”
Latreava Whitted, Sales & Marketing Assistant, The Jefferson Hotel

Ideal for mixed audiences and skill level

“From the girl that guffawed at the idea of going to a Microsoft workshop. I thought I knew all there was to know about Word and Excel. People at my office come to me when they have questions about formatting. “What could I possibly take away from this?” I questioned. I hemmed and hawed and went to the seminar anyway. I am embarrassed to admit, out of everything Vickie went over – I knew none of it. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I look at Microsoft in a whole new light. One might even say, I just fell in love. And the best part? The people at the office think I am really cool now.”
Holly Eardley, Director of Development, Lucky Duck Productions
“Funny… I thought I was pretty good with keyboard “shortcuts” to perform some tasks in Office applications until I saw your presentation. I felt like a kid watching a magician doing 30 magic tricks! Great stuff… THX!!”
Ezequiel Quijano, Sales, Z Texas Real Estate

Jaw-dropping content & delivery

“Amazing! These tips are so valuable and can save me HOURS! Would love to do more of Vickie’s workshops!”
Sue Engasser, Executive Assistant to CEO, PURE Solutions
“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing session. It was very insightful and I absorbed a ton of information in just a short window of time. I still have more to learn and “master”, but in the meantime, I will keep my book handy!

Some of the tips presented certainly could have saved me hours in the past. Organizing attendee lists will never be approached the same way EVER again! I had a few “ohh…. Now I get it” moments. So thank you once again for an amazing session.”

Christine D'Amore, Team Assistant, EQT Partners Inc

Audience leaves wanting more

“I am focused on technology and being the savvy assistant and want to raise technology awareness with my executive team. This is a constantly changing landscape and I would like if Vickie would hold sessions every year. (yes I plan to attend every year going forward)”
Anonymous Survey Respondent, Minnesota Conference Attendee
“Your session was priceless and far too short. I am sharing so much your tips… that I could cover Switzerland for you one day 🙂 I wish to participate in a full session one day. Thank you!” (After a 1hr session)
Audrey Regragui, Executive Assistant, Expedia, Switzerland
“Amazing presentation — I wanted it to go on all afternoon so I could learn all the tips! Thank you Vickie. You complete me!!” (After a 1hr session)
Anuszka Elland, Executive Assistant to CMO, Crabtree & Evelyn
“Excellent! Great tips – could do with a longer session next time!” (After a 1hr session)
Susan Pettigrew, Executive Assistant to CTO, AstraZeneca
“Awesome presentation! Explained in simple terms. Wish we had more time.” (After a 90-min session)
Cindy Lane, Executive Assistant, Duff & Phelps
“The training session was extremely useful. The 2 hours flew by and I could have stayed all day! Great tips that I can take away with me that I will use on a daily basis.”
Sophie Krypner, Personal Assistant, Apollo, London
“Learnt some great tips.
Very engaging.
Didn’t look at my watch once during the two hours.
Please come back!!!!”
Nadia Tupper, Personal Assistant, Apollo, London

My company LOVES what I’ve learned

“Thank you so much for those great tips! I just wish you could have seen the ‘jaw dropping’ and heard the gasps of amazement when I shared your tips with the team here at Roche. Thank you. Your tips and links to RedCape are cascading through the UK organisation at great speed. You have injected a new found IT enthusiasm!”
Pauline Delahunt, PA to Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics, UK

Practical and easy to remember

“@redcapeco Formatted my first Word Doc using your tips last week. MAGIC! If you were here I would have hugged you ;-)”
Michelle McCarthy, @ShellMcC
“l learned SO MUCH! Thank you, again, for your enthusiasm, great presentation, excellent handouts, and sharing your savvy with us. I went home and used some of the tips immediately in several Microsoft Office for Mac documents.”
Verena Aibel, Women's Institute Instructor, Bergen Community College
“Excellent program. I learned several things I can use immediately. Thank you!”
JC Follender, Business Owner, New York City

Entertaining & fun

“Great presentation with lots of humor!! Microsoft Office training from a standup comedian – fantastic!”
Beth Hotchko, Corporate Account Executive, American Airlines
@growthfaculty I didn’t realize we had Tina Fey giving us Microsoft tips! Hilarious #eaforum
“@redcapeco @julieniehoff – Vickie, gotta tell ya, I hate microsoft products, but you actually made them fun.”