Vickie’s Signature Tips & Tricks Program | Corporate Training Options

  • Are you looking for a high-impact, highly engaging training event for your team?
  • Want to boost morale and create buzz around the office?
  • Ready to effectively improve productivity across the entire organization and experience a higher ROI?

Look no further! According to attendee surveys, 1 hour in a RedCape event annually saves your company $800 USD in productivity* per learner. That means for 100 attendees, your company can save $80,000 in productivity in a year for one hour of training!

Additional results include:

  • Your team can’t wait to get back to their desks to use their new skills.
  • Greater collaboration, creativity, and problem solving.
  • Better results and improved turnaround for deliverables.
  • Employees eager to learn and use more of your company’s technology.

Better yet…100% of IT pros, managers, and team leads who attend our events recommend RedCape training for end users!

(*based on a $35/hour employee)

  • Bring Vickie to your company
  • Just for your team or open to other teams/departments
  • 2hr, half day and full day options available
  • View an example agenda

Previous clients include:

  • British American Tobacco
  • Ericsson
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Bill & Melinda Gates

Also known as our “Training-in-a-box” offering

  • Great option for those with smaller training budgets
  • Pause and play
  • Content for up to three lunch and learn meetings
  • Includes a facilitator’s guide with exercises, promotional copy, suggested agendas, homework assignment and link to video
  • Facilitator’s role includes handling logistics, kicking off the meeting, pushing play and pause, and encouraging homework assignments. Facilitator is not required to teach the content.
  • Must be delivered in a group setting and can be delivered unlimited number of times to unlimited number of teams, departments and new hires.

Recent client: Proudly Admin Uganda

Host this event at your office! A great way to get publicity for your company and brand.

Ideal for 75 to 150 attendees | Perfect for limited budgets

  • Donate your space for 100-150 attendees
  • Send staff to attend for free
  • Open to the public and all promotion and registrations are handled by RedCape
  • Public attendees include business users who work for SMBs (small & medium sized businesses, universities and non-profits)

Previous host: Arup, New York City, August 10, 2015

Partner with your Chamber of Commerce. Want to make a difference and give back to the community? Ideal for 150-unlimited SMB and nonprofit employees

  • Sponsor the training and send as many staff for free.
  • Partner with the Chamber of Commerce who can help find an off-site location to accommodate 150-1000 people
  • Your company, together with the Chamber can send out exclusive invitations
  • Your company can invite your partners and customers to attend for free
  • The Chamber can invite member companies and nonprofits
  • (Optional) Can open the event to the public to include other SMBs, universities and nonprofits

Previous event partners: Red Wing Shoes and Red Wing Chamber of Commerce

Feedback from Online Session

“This is the first class I’ve attended in some time that I actually learned something and applied to what I do every day. Thank you!”
Anonymous Online Post-Event Survey, Hewlett Packard

Feedback from Corporate Audience

“Awesome!!! OFF THE CHARTS!!! I texted 3 other employees – encouraging them to come because this was soooo helpful. Sooo informative. Thank you.”
Elaine McWhinney, Financial Manager, The New York Times