Project Description

International Association of Administrative Professionals LAN Webinar

The 90-minute online session with Microsoft Certified Trainer, Vickie Sokol Evans was held on Monday, May 2, 2016 and resulted in an ROI of $1,327,550 in productivity savings for attendees and their companies.

Vickie's session watched by

Brodie, the cat. Photo courtesy of Debbi Shaffer. @Debs224

About the Event

  • Held on Monday, May 2, 2016 7-8:30pm Eastern
  • Original Registration Page: Click Here
  • 604 Attendees
  • 1.5-hour online webinar: Vickie’s Signature Tips & Tricks session
  • Audience: Mostly administrative professionals and members of IAAP + 1 cat
    • 85% IAAP members
    • 15% Non-members/guests
  • Location: Attendees viewed the session from their desks/computers/iPads from around the world including: US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, + 10 other countries
  • Skill Level: various skill levels (basic, intermediate and advanced skill sets)
  • Operating System at work
    • 41% Windows 10
    • 52% Windows 7
    • 7% Other
  • Office Version at work
    • 7% Office 2016
    • 43% Office 2013
    • 44% Office 2010
    • 6% Office 2007
    • 0% Office for Mac

The Results: $1.3M USD in Productivity Savings!

604 Attendees
466 Survey responses
 77%  Survey Return Rate
99% Would recommend this session to others
2.62 Average hours saved per week per attendee after attending the training
62.8 Annual hours saved per year per attendee after attending the training*
37930.0 Annual hours saved for all attendees after attending the training**
$1,327,550 USD ROI: Productivity savings for IAAP members and guests***
*Annual hours saved (per attendee): Avg hours saved * 48 weeks * 50% adoption
**Annual hours saved (all attendees): Annual hours saved (per attendee) * # of attendees
***IAAP ROI: Annual hours saved (all attendees) * $35/hour
$2,197.93 ROI per attendee (@ 50% adoption & $35/hour for a 90-minute online session)

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Over 200 Testimonials!

This is one of the best webinar’s I’ve attended in a long time. The only thing is I wish it was longer. There was so much more tips I wanted to visually see. Even is this was an one day seminar I would attend. I have submitted this information to my HR department to see if we can get a training session setup of the staff because we just upgraded to office 2013.
A. Tink F.

I love the way Vickie explained the shortcuts.
Abigail R.

I love the way that Vickie explain tips. She made it very easy to accomplish. Thanks again.
~ Andrea G.

I thought I was a super user – until I realized that I was hearing tip after tip that I had never known!
~ Ann B.

This is one of the best webinars I have attended. I really appreciate content I can use on a daily basis.
Audrey T.

Yes, there were some tips I am currently using; however, Vickie was engaging and enthusiastic while giving authentic tips during the session.  I consider this one of the best online technical sessions I have participated in, which kept my interest to the very end. The 90 minutes flew by fast.  Yea for “BIG Buttons”
Barbara B.

Excellent. This is one of the best presentations I’ve heard in a long time. Want to access the replay and your website. Very useful.
Bev K.

Vickie is a fun and knowledgeable instructor. She understands the shortcuts and applications that would be used most and are real times avers. The presentation moves really fast, so it is great to have the option to go back and view again. Thanks!
~ Beverly M. 

Vickie, I wish I had your brain. Thanks for all of your efforts.
~ Brandy S.

Vickie is a great speaker!
~ Carrie M.

Great presentation, and speaker was phenomenal.
Cheryl A.

Fabulous!!! I did know a number of the tips, and I truly appreciated Vickie pointing out that it meant I was already working efficiently and affectively. On top of that, there were several tips that will save me and my team so much time. I think turning the Excel sheet into  a table was the most eye-opening! I can’t wait to share that with our finance and metrics people. I can’t wait to look at the free information and find out what other time saving tips I can find! Thank  you very much for providing this training for free. Due to the economy, my manager encourages all of us to use free training when possible and this has to be the highest quality, free seminar that I have viewed!
Cindi B.

Great presentation! You are very easy to listen to. I learned a lot and the time just flew by. GREAT JOB!
Cindy B.

I LOVE Vickie’s training sessions! I’m a Master MOS, but I always learn SOMETHING or remember things I have forgotten that I should be using every day. She’s the bomb!
Denise V.

I listen to Vickie’s webinars as often as possible and ALWAYS learn something new!
Di R.

I just sent you a LinkedIn message about the webinar, Vickie. It was truly jaw-dropping. Your breadth of knowledge is amazing. But I’m particularly impressed with how easily and quickly you communicate some complicated things. Some people are natural teachers – and you are one. I loved it.
Elizabeth N.

I have loved Vickie since I first saw her at the BEL in Chicago. She’s a font of tips and tricks that save hours of time.
Gayle Q.

Today’s presentation was awesome! I’m looking forward to more webinars presented by Vickie Sokol Evans.
Heidi W.

Best webinar ever!  great at keeping your audience.  So quick and informative.
Holly D.

I appreciate that Vickie communicates clearly, keeps the webinar moving at a steady pace and fills the allotted time with valuable content.
Ingrid S.

Vickie is one of the best trainers I’ve heard in a long time. In fact, she is THE  BEST trainer I’ve heard in years.
Ivonne O.

Having studied English & journalism in college, I thought I was pretty savvy at using Word. During this presentation I learned many tips and tools though I thought were too good to be true! I was surprised I had never heard of these methods before and am so thankful to be able to use them going forward. This class is great for all skill levels of word and can enrich both your work and personal use of Microsoft applications.
Jennifer H.

I’m so excited to try several of these tips that I know will be of immediate help in my work. This webinar was full of information pertinent to the work I do. Vickie, you’re a terrific teacher!
Karen K.

Vickie is an awesome teacher. I picked up lots of tips tonight.
Karie K.

Loved the presentation! Vickie is a wonderful presenter with such great tips!
Kathy P.

excellent seminar – very useful tips.  Would love to have more time with Vickie.
Kathy Z.

The tips about using the windows key is awesome and I love the transpose tip for Excel. I have been taking advanced college courses and this is the first time I’m learning many of these  timesaving tips. Thanks Vicki and IAAP!!
Lora M.

Vickie’s knowledge is mind blowing!
~ Lori L.

The Timesaving productivity tips have energized me since I’m using more of Microsoft Office’s power.
~ Lorraine E.

The presentation was wonderful, as usual, Vickie. I always learn so much from your webinars! If I were currently working as an admin, I would INSIST my colleagues watch your webinars to at least see what they could learn. I’m sure they would be hooked, just as I was after watching the first one!
~ Robin M.

Excellent information presented in a way that kept your attention throughout the entire 90 minute webinar.
~ Sandra P.

Vickie’s webinar was, by far, one of the very best I’ve ever attend. She shared so many tips that I can actually use and share with others. I would suggest this webinar to anyone – coworkers, family members, friends … everyone!!
~ Sandy P.

Great!  Wish we could keep going!!
~ Sarah L.

I enjoyed the webinar and learned tips/tricks I did not know. Very good; wish we could do it along with her in a real classroom.
~ Sharon M.

As both a fulltime employee and a part-time college student, Vickie’s Tips presentation will help me be quicker on putting together work and class projects.  Improving work-life balance, reducing stress, and giving me back time to enjoy family and friend relationships.
~ Sherilynn V.

I think this is a great way to keep up with today’s technology world!!  Vickie is great!!
~ Susan S.

Excellent. Thus could have been a 1 day workshop with attendees practicing with their laptops
~ Tanya M.

Even a proficient user can learn tips to make your life easier!
~ Tommie R.

This was hands down the best webinar I have ever attended. Thank you, Vickie, for a great presentation. I look forward to putting the tips I learned into practice. I can’t thank you enough for making what I do each day a little easier.
~ Tracy T.

So many great tips. I can’t wait to master them all using your three at a time method.
~ Valerie J.

This was one of the very best Tips webinar/seminar I’ve attended. Vickie moved ahead quickly but never lost us. I picked up some great new tips.
~ Vicki G.

One of the best webinars I’ve attended. In the short amount of time I spent on the webinar I learned things I did not even know existed in the Microsoft suite of products that will definitely save me time and make me look like a rockstar.
~ Vicki H.

Super informative!
Amber H.

This was awesome!  I learned so much and can’t wait to put them in practice!
Amy D.

This was very helpful and I learned new tricks! I am excited to bring these tips to my manager and the other assistants in my department. Thank you!
Angela H.

Fantastic, fast-paced training with helpful tips I can use immediately!
Anne K.

There were so many Tips that I could have used when I was in a different position.  But rest assure that I will be trying out some of the tips that I saw in last nights presentation.
Anne L.

Great tips for Microsoft.  Will start using them immediately.
Annette K.

There were several mind blowing tips on things that I do that is considered the long way.  Can’t wait to try them out.
April S.

Can’t wait for our weekly staff meeting next Monday so I can share some of these tips…they will all think I just invented sliced bread!!
Arvida H.

I feel empowered now to request funding from my employer at MasterCard
Audrey G.

Tremendously helpful information. Thank you for sharing
Barbara C.

These are excellent tips.  I’ve already starting using and sharing those I could remember.  Talking to boss about getting the book.  Love to sit in a live seminar.
Barbara N.

This was great! I learned a lot of good tips that will save me time every day.  Thanks for the tip on how to remember them by becoming a master of 3 then pick 3 more!
Beth G.

very informative!  great tips to help me through my work week!  thank you.
Beth S.

This session was amazing! I believe that I only knew one of the shortcuts that Vickie presented. I learned a lot of wonderful shortcuts that will make my job much easier! Thank you!!
Beverly H.

Tip #60 is amazing!  This is one I will definitely have as my top 3!  Also, tip #38 is a very cool shortcut to how I’ve been doing it all these years.
Bo S.

I really liked how fast-paced but informative the webinar was. This was not the first I’ve attended for Office products but it was definitely the most informative.
Breanna M.

There were a couple of things I knew the software could do – I just didn’t know how.  Now I do.  I also learned a few things that I did NOT know it could do.
Only feedback was that it was a little fast in a few place and I wanted to try them on my computer to make sure I had it .  Thankful for recording so that going back to watch the replay is an option to see the tips again.  (-:
Brenda F.

This has totally changed the way I will work.  Thank you so much
Candace C.

Could have listened to another 2 hours of wonderful shortcut tips. Wish I knew about the style formatting ones a couple of months ago – would have saved me well over 40 hours of struggling with 2nd & 3rd headings and definitely with the table of contents.
Carleen M.

I learned some useful tips and I am pleased to hear of some possible improvements as you have suggested to Microsoft.  I jokingly talk about my letter to Microsoft giving them kudos for some great features but then offer suggestions for improvement.  I never send the letter!
Carol R.

I’m so glad to now know the hidden helpful shortcuts that have been there all along.
Carol S.

Currently working on 3 accreditations, Clery Compliance and other daily duties for a university police department. This training and her expertise are life savers.  I am so grateful and excited.
Carolyn S.

excellent information – I have been using MS Office for many years and I leaned new tricks
Carroll F.

VERY impressed with the webinar.  I consider myself “tech-savvy enough” but I learned so much.  I was constantly going Hmm. “I didn’t know you could do that!”
Catherine H.

So happy with all the real scenario tips I can start using tomorrow!!
Cathy M.

When I got back to work the day after the session I remembered a few of the short cut times that I was able to use immediately. I am already experiencing the beneficial time savings and I anticipate more. I will take the advice given and familiarize myself with a couple every day.
Charley B.

Excellent seminar. Wish we could have done all the tips!
Cheryl L.

Very concise and easy to follow! Jam packed with tips!
Cheyenne S.

Enjoyed the presentation and Vickie’s suggestion to learn 3 tips at a time and then train others.
Christianne D.

Excellent presentation!  Moved at a fast pace with easy-to-understand instructions; kept the audience engaged.  I hope to attend training in person one day.
Christine D.

Vickie’s info was eye opening on the many shortcuts and interesting presentation.
Cindy C.

Thank you for the vast amount of information that you shared with us.  I will be referring to the tip sheet frequently.
Cindy P.

This was a great presentation – so many tips and lots of good practical info I can put to immediate use.  I plan to purchase the book.
Colelen N.

This presentation was very helpful and inspiring to explore certification.
Cynthia H.

I loved her enthusiasm and her passion for what she does. Sometimes techy seminars are boring but this was very engaging
Dana H.

This webinar was great! These tips are easy to do and very useful in our day-to-day work. Hope IAAP offers more sessions like this.
Dawn O.

Deanna Jean P.

This was in the top 5 of any training sessions I’ve ever had. It was relevant to my day to day work and it was just bam, bam, bam with tips. I was totally engaged throughout the entire 90 minutes. I wished it was longer and covered more PowerPoint.
Deanne M.

Good morning!  I thought this session was amazing and wish it was longer.  I did learn things that I didn’t know before and I few things that were great refreshers that you forget if you don’t use them on a regular basis.  Thank you so much for taking the time for this presentation, I truly appreciated it.
Deb A.

I’ve taken about seven of Vickie’s webinars now and I ALWAYS learn something that saves me valuable time at work. My co-workers think I’m a ROCKSTAR when I show them the tips.
Debbi S.

Definitely a good session.
Debbie T.

I am in awe of the wonderful time saving tips that Vickie shared. I can’t wait to put them into practice.
Deborah D.

Presentation was so interesting time just flew by!  I knew a few of the tips and learned how to use those better. So glad I took the time to learn A LOT of new ones.
Debra F.

I’d love to introduce this were I work, but I work for the federal government and we are lucky to still have employment under the current budget constraints.
Debra M.

Thank you, Vicki! Great tips, can’t wait to start using some of them! It was a fun and fast-paced 90 minutes!
Delaine I.

Excellent tips to improve your productivity.  So many that I did not know and that I have been starting to implement.

I learned a lot and plan to put it to use at work. I also plan to share the knowledge that I have gained.
Diana G.

Great tips to help even a skilled assistant make work easier.
Diana W.

Learned some great tips/tricks that I am excited to try out at work.  Will also help me as I study to take the Microsoft Office Specialist exam
Donna C.

I was amazed at all of the shortcuts/tips that I was unaware of. I’ve already used about 4 of them already!
Donna W.

This presentation was amazing! I learned at least 5 new tricks within the first 5 minutes!
Donnell H.

love the pace, the tips, what people usually do and a better way. More more more!
Doreen H.

Wow, I have never seen so many great tips. Absolutely fantastic, I wish Vickie could have had time to show more. I am looking forward to going through your website.
Dot F.

I was amazed at some of the tips she demonstrated and I can’t wait to use them.
Edie F.

I thought it was great. I’ve ordered the book!
Elizabeth A.

Loved all the tips and look forward to using them to save time at the office. Thanks for providing us with this learning opportunity.
Elizabeth C.

All of the tips that she shared were useful timesavers.
Elizabeth T.

Great 90mins session on MS Office 2013 tips that will reduce hours of time spend formatting documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.  Very excited to try the new tips I’ve learnt.
Erica S.

Vicki was really wonderful….easy to follow and very motivating….really made me excited about using what I learned right away and going away wanting more…I made sure I purchased her book!!! I can’t wait till Thursday when it comes in!!
Eulla B.

This was so awesome.  In all the webinars and workshops I have attended, none was like this one.  A lots of new tips to try.
Flora K.

My takeaway was that I will be able to create much more professional documents, which was more important to me than the time savers!!!
Gail D.

It was a very helpful webinar. Thanks so much for your support of IAAP.
Gina C.

Very informative!
Ginger R.

If you could have seen my face when some of the tips were revealed, you would have realized what a beam of light you shot out to all of us. Amazing!
Helen W.

Great, I wish we had time to learn all 100 tips
Iva M.

Awesome presentation. Quick and to the point. Thanks you the handout in advance, it helped to make notes and highlight the most useful in following up by  completing the strategies that Vickie recommended to implement to remember the tips.
Jacqueline J.

Great tips. You moved right along. I like the suggest to master three at a time, and then teach someone else those three tips.
Janice M.

Kept saying Oo-oo and Ah-ahhh  Can’t wait to play with these great tips!
Janis S.

Vickie is absolutely first class. I would have appreciated a Q&A session at the end though as she did with the OneNote presentation I attended last year.
Jayne A.

Amazing! I definitely had some OMG moments! I can’t wait to use the background tip and I love the time zone tip! I’ll be using that today!
Jennifer S.

wonderful tips! can’t wait to teach others.
Jennifer T.

great presentation!!!  will definitely purchase book and attend future RedCape training.
Jenny L.

Good review of basic points; excellent pointers on tips I had no idea existed!
Joan H.

I always knew there were quicker ways to do things and Vickie showed me there were, I just didn’t expect HOW much quicker they would be.
Jodi A.

I had several ah ha moments!
Katherine K.

I wish I would have found you and your website years ago!
Kathleen P.

Amazing tips – great webinar! Learned a lot!
Kathy W.

I am going to work on finding out about the other 87% that I do not [yet] know!
Kim P.

I was skeptical when I read this presentation would be mind blowing but it really was!!!!  The best tips were the ones about the windows key.  Who knew?
Kim S.

Enjoyed the presentation, we just recently switched to Office 2013 products, so still navigating my way around.
Kristy D.

Great tips. Wish we could have covered them all!  It’s making me think again about getting MOS certified.
Laureen D.

This was an awesome webinar.  I have been to several training classes, but learned twice as much information on this webinar.  Thanks!!
Laurel M.

excellent presentation, delivery was engaging, totally enjoyed watching and excited to share my learnings with my team
Lawrie S.

I’ve watched this seminar before but I take away something new each time.  Each time I have a new light bulb moment.  Thank you for the great videos.
Leticia V.

This is the first time I have connected with Red Cape Co and it was wonderful!!
Linda C.

great tips, thank you, time savers are amazing!
Linda P.

Too bad it wasn’t longer!  I learned a great deal in the 1 1/2 hours we were on the webinar!  THANK YOU!
Linda S.

Love, love, love tips and trick!  Now there’s even more to love!
Lisa C.

I am amazed how many things about Microsoft Office I did not know.
Lisa G.

a Lot of information in a short amount of time – excellent! Learned several new tips that I will definitely use.
Lisa L.

We have recently upgraded to Office 2013 and this presentation came at just the right time.
IT have rolled out the upgrade but there hasn’t been any tutorials to go with it. So this has been incredibly helpful for someone like me who probably often ‘just gets by’!
Lisa M.

It was very informative and a step in the right direction in meeting my goal.
I want to learn all tricks and short cutes of Microsoft Office and I want to be the best at what I do and do it with confidence.
I would like to see more of this type of training, needs to be at a slower pace and maybe demonstrate the tip more than one time.

Overall 10.
~ Lisa O.

Will review tips and commit them to memory!!
Lisa W.

Moving the headers and updating the table of contents is awesome!  I learned a great deal and plan to go to the links Vickie provided. Thank you!
Lisabeth F.

I recently switched from Office 2007 to 2013 and learned some awesome time-saving tips, including some that have been around since 2007 that I didn’t know! Vicki clearly walked through each tip with clear screen demonstrations of what she was doing.
Loretta A.

This was a fantastic webinar.  I learned a great deal from this.
Lori Z.

Thank you for opening our eyes to these time-saving tips! We tried one just after the session – needless to say we saved time!
Lynn M.

I love learning new shortcuts!
Margaret G.

The information displayed in this presentation reflects just a tip of the iceberg, and reveals what a powerhouse Microsoft office really is.
Maria S.

This was the first webinar I have attended, it blew me away! So much information, want more.
Thank you. This was awesome.
Marie M.

Very informative and professional presentation
Marion H.

After watching the webinar, I immediately applied Tip 100.  I really felt good about saving the time and learning something new. I looking forward in watching the webinar via You tube and go over the Tips again.  Thanks Marisol
Marisol T.

Excellent. Looking forward to more webinars with Vickie.
~ Moritza G.

Awesome presentation – several aha moments
Marlene S.

Excellent webinar! Lots of beneficial information and a great presenter.
Mary B.

Great time saving tips.  I did not know about many of them.  Day in and out you always default to what you know due to time restraints. But being armed with the tips will produce additional time to focus on critical deliverables.  Bravo to Vickie!  I love her!
Mary F.

very clear simple informative. Vickie’s session are fantastic!
Mary J.

Vickie was the most gracious instructor to answer attendees questions, all the while, demonstrating her tips in the webinar.  GREAT CLASS.
Mary P.

Very good information in a short amount of time.
Mary W.

Great tips! Extremely worthwhile.
Maureen G.

It is amazing to find out everything that the programs can do but you are unaware of. Very informative about buttons you don’t know what to use them for in Microsoft Office
Megan R.

She is a fantastic instructor and has exceptional communication skills.  I enjoyed the session very much.
Melanie B.

Lots of great info, many aha moments.  I am now thinking about MOS certification or at least studying for it just to gain knowledge.
Melinda M.

Excellent presentation and examples. Tip 39 to select and backspace to delete columns or rows in a table or in Outlook is awesome! The 1-click for mobile users to add a pause will be very helpful to our staff. Thank you.
Missy B.

Really love this.. wish that you have individual ones for each (or maybe you do – I have not had a chance to look fully at the website.. I’m certified and got a lot of good tips!  the Action for resend – brilliant!
Monica P.

Very good.  Would be great to spend more time on more tips, but that would be a long session.
Nancy L.

This was an awesome webinar.  I will definitely watch it again and again!  I told my carpooler about it this morning on the way into work.
Naomi S.

Wonderful tips and tricks.  Will help to save time and create professional looking documents effortlessly
Natalie A.

Excellent information – things I already knew brought home, and things I never knew brought to light, all in an engaging and easily understandable presentation.
Nicola W.

Love, Love, Love this presentation. It will save me a lot of time in my daily tasks! Thank you for sharing.
Norma H.

This was fantastic!!  I have participated in other presentations from Vickie and love them…she does an awesome job!!!
Pam K.

This was an excellent webinar. I can’t wait to watch it again and again.
Pat Z.

I loved all the tips.  Many of them I have never used and will incorporate immediately. It was great.
Patti H.

Vicki is awesome.  She explains everything beautifully and is extremely knowledgeable in her field.
Patty I.

What a wonderful list of tips that many of us never knew about. Your experience as an assistant helps you show all of us features that will maximize our efficiency and minimize the hair-pulling frustrations we often face.
Pearl T.

Who would of known all these wonderful tools were at our fingertips – thanks for sharing your expertise!
Randy L.

This was great information.  I can’t wait to try the tips.
Reba J.

Very clear and useful tips.  I want more. Thank you
Rebecca W.

Vickie presents information in a way that’s easy to follow.  She’s enthusiastic and keeps the audience engaged.
Remy M.

Kept the program moving along, good organization and highlighted good tips. Learned a couple items that I want to focus on and implement
Rhonda O.

It was a great session, nice tips to reduce the time, make things look better. Her speaking skill was really great – it’s not always the case that a person who knows stuff does not mean a great teacher. She was both. Thank you for the session!
Rieah M.

Loved it! So excited to apply so many of the tips and tricks. From now on every excel sheet will be formatted as a table and I will use the styles set every chance I get.
Robin K.

It was unbelievable!  I cannot imagine how many hours I have wasted during these years when working on Microsoft Suite.  I wish I could have this presentation years ago!  Rosana Diaz
Rosana D.

The presentation was awesome and provided me with tips that will assist in my productivity level.  I would recommend it to anyone.
Rose C.

Better than I could have imagined.
Rose P.

I enjoyed not only the topics covered, but the pace, the presentation and the presenter.
Rosemarie K.

I considered myself to be at an “advanced” level in Word, but after this webinar I realized just how munch I didn’t know.
Rosemary G.

Well done, will use webinar replay for our IAAP LAN
Sharon R.

You said it would be the fastest 90 minutes and you were right…I learned so many thing in that 90 minutes and have started using some of the tips already! Was VERY impressed with the presentation. Thank you.
Sheila S.

Vicki is an engaging, energetic and expert presenter who really understands what admin professionals need to know.  I learned a bunch of helpful tips I will put into practice immediately.
Sheri B.

Going to work on #26, 38, and 100. I love 100 and it would definitely be better if there was a Big Button for it.
Sherri B.

Fabulous tips!
Sherrie M.

This was fantastic!! So many great tips!
Sheryl R.

This session was awesome! I learned a lot and would love to learn more.
Shoshana H.

Great webinar. I am motivated to get certified. I am looking into it now. Thank you!
Sophia R.

This presentation was amazing.  I learned so very much!
Susan A.

Great presentation…love tips Vicky shared.
Sylvia H.

All tips came in handy; however the two that stood out the most for me are 1) The table demonstrations and tips for both Word and Excel:  movement of rows, use of F4 & F11 keys, flipping data, pasting values and creating calculated column without having to copy and paste or use the double click.  I would have liked to have seen a demonstration on tips #62-65.  Question:  Does tip# 51 work in a word table?
Currently our marketing dept creates all of our PPT presentation, so I will share the tips with them.
Tami B.

Your top 40 tips were great! I can wait to watch it again! I used tips 90 and 92 today.
Tanya B.

Very, Very informative and useful. When you thought you knew it all, RedCape saves the day! Thank you!
Tayelor T B.

I couldn’t believe how fast 1-1/2 hrs flew by. Fast paced and packed with useful tips.
Teresa N.

I saw many things I normally do -with the tips for one-step to change design, I will be done in a flash!

I am usually the go-to person for tips and tricks, but learned some new things in this session. If I had my ‘druthers, this is what I would do all day!
Teresa T.

Great presentation!  Thank you so much for time saving tips!
Teri C.

Always great to learn more tips to make my daily work on the computer much more efficient.  Thank you Vickie.
Terry R.

I found this to be very helpful.
Theresa K.

Vickie’s workshops are always so helpful! The excel tips today were definitely jaw dropping. Thanks!
Wanda R.

Excellent session. Vickie is a great facilitator.  Awesome tips!
Wanda Z.

I learned many tips, I was surprise on how to style a document and the easy way to create a table of contents. This was amazing.
Zulma M.