Project Description

University of Illinois at Chicago

The two-hour training with Microsoft Certified Trainer, Vickie Sokol Evans resulted in an ROI of $544,320 in productivity savings for UIC.

About the Event

  • Held on Friday, March 4, 2016 9-11am
  • 180 Attendees
  • 2-hour Presentation: Vickie’s Signature Tips & Tricks session
  • Audience: Mixture of Staff, faculty and students across schools and departments
  • Skill Level: various skill levels (basic, intermediate and advanced skill sets)

Details about the results

Survey Results

180 Attendees
94 Survey responses
 52%  Survey Return Rate
99% Would recommend this session to others
3.6 Average hours saved per week after attending the training
$6,048 USD Annual productivity savings per attendee*
$544,320 USD ROI: Productivity savings for UIC**
*Annual per attendee calculation: Avg hours saved * 48 weeks * $35/hour
**UIC calculation: Annual per attendee savings * # of attendees * 50% adoption

“It was so much fun throwing a Microsoft Office Training Rave with you last week! I know I speak from all of us here at UIC when I say thank you so much for giving us the gift of your time and expertise. Everyone I heard from has told me they got so much out of your presentation. Year after year we’ve all had to learn to do more with less and now many of us are much better equipped to do so thanks to you. I hope our paths cross again someday and in the meantime, never stop F4-ing!!”
Teresa Recchia, Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Advancement, University of Illinois at Chicago

Testimonials from the Audience

  • Teresa — I attended the training today. It was absolutely magnificent!!!!   This session is exactly the type of training we need on campus, anything to help make the job easier.   Help us to work more efficiently and be more productive on a daily basis.  I can use 100% of what I learned today. I would like to order several copies of Vickie’s book to place in strategic places in the College of Engineering Administration as a reference guide for your employees.  You are awesome.  Thanks for arranging this session.
    ~ Jo Banks, Director of Administrative Operations
  • Just had to share how delighted I was when I used the Format as Table function in excel this morning to organize my project log. I scrolled down to the “Total” row at the bottom of my columns and found this lovely little menu. I delicately pressed the “sum” function and voila…there they were….my columns were summed. I stepped away from my desk with glee and actually went for a morning bio-break! My bladder thanks YOU!
    ~ Name withheld, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Really informative and fun. Loved it!!
    ~ Mathew Thambi
  • This is a pretty eye opening seminar. I was familiar with a lot of the windows and excel tips. The fact that 94% of features MS users request of MS to add as features are already part of the program changed my theory on approaching MS office. I am an Excel Analyst spending 6+ hrs a day in Excel. The fluidity of my workflow in Word and Powerpoint are like molasses compared with Excel. This totally changed the way I would approach how to accomplish something in those other programs. Also a motivator to go out and learn some tips that take me out of my comfort zone.
    ~ Anthony Gugliotta
  • I spend hours creating charts and since I don’t do it on a regular basis I end up having to figure it out everytime! F11 is my new favorite key. ~ Michelle Dinglasan
  • The session was great! Thank you ~ Zaneta Ahuja
  • This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much! ~ Katie Philippe
  • It was good to see the various tips although I had wished more time could have been spent on PowerPoint. ~ Julie Kong
  • This was a valuable session and I learned some things I didn’t know, even though I consider myself an experienced Office user. I would have listed my time savings as higher except that I primarily use Excel and the Excel tips were not new to me. ~ Julien Leider
  • Excellent and clearly explained. Visuals and instruction are clear. ~ Maria Carrasco
  • Vickie’s talk was awesome. It was very eye-opening to see how much time is wasted when there’s a click of the button to become more efficient! ~ Deb Fox
  • Vickie your session was amazing and I found it beneficial. I wish I had more time to spend with you. You are an amazing teacher! ~ Patricia Zavalza
  • The presentation was magnificent!I returned to my office and shared what I could remember with my teammembers. ~ Stephanie Davis
  • I thought I knew MS Office but clearly I was wrong. I went back to my office and immediately used tips that she shared. ~ Jacqueline Berger
  • Superb – can’t wait for UIC to offer it again for those who couldn’t attend (and for a refresher) ~ Monica Carney
  • Great presentation with useful information ! ~ Gracie Pena
  • The session was fantastic! I will save a TON of time when re-formatting our policies this year!  THANK YOU! ~ Sheri Wylie-Buergel
  • Lots of ah-ha moments! Well worth the 2 hours invested! ~ Cammeo Mauntel-Medici
  • The Excel tips would have saved me three hours two weeks prior. At least I know have the knowledge! Thank you. ~ Benn Williams
  • “I especially appreciated the Excel tips! Learned excel in school but only for a business operations setting and I cannot apply that to my current role. The general tips for excel were MUCH appreciated and have been put to use every day since the presentation. Thank you.” ~ Christina Roberts
  • Very entertaining presentation and invaluable information. ~ Donna Clay
  • Awesome job. Understood there was a mixed level of understanding but would love more advanced tips. ~ Amira Ghadeer
  • “Amazing!
  • Loved how Vickie presented the material that could traditionally be very dry. I was entertained and engaged throughout the 2 hours.” ~ Sara Almassian
  • “Excellent presentation will help me be even more efficient!
  • :)” ~ Rocio Prieto
  • Thanks! ~ Carson Bording
  • Great presentation! Very engaging and helpful. ~ Richard Van Hees
  • God, so much stuff I didn’t know. It was all magic. I wish I could remember it all. I’m going to have to get the book! ~ Anne Branson
  • Great workshop ~ Kamal Eldeirawi
  • Vickie’s presentation was exceptionally good and useful. It inspired me to try to get certified.Thank you very much. ~ Miljana Petkovic
  • Thanks for the tips! ~ Ruth Kross
  • Really helpful. Now I need to practice some of the things I learned! ~ Kathy Kirrish
  • “The presentation was great. There were tips provided in which I did not know, but now I do- which is awesome and will save me some time. Now all I have to do is practice so I can commit the tips to memory.
  • I will be reviewing the videos.
  • Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.” ~ Nada Bowie
  • I was so pumped up after the presentation. I was feeling like an idiot, because I just never seemed to know how to do some of the things quickly that my very techno savvy boss wanted done.  I am feeling much more confident in my abilities now.  Thank you so much. ~ Dolores Weems jr
  • Great presenter. Impactful, insightful and engaging with a sense of humor. ~ Kevin Gordon
  • Exceptional! I used some of those tips immediately afterward to meet a project deadline I had that afternoon.  Thank you!!! ~ Linda Bernas
  • It is apparent that Vickie loves what she is doing…it comes through her presentation which makes you want to learn it. Her sense of humor also makes it more enjoyable! ~ Rekha Pandya
  • Excellent, wish I had known years ago ~ Judee Olechno
  • Best learning conference that I have ever attended. ~ Gabriel Bernal
  • Vickie’s presentation was energizing and informative. She is a model for excellence. ~ Barbara Pearce
  • Awesome, engaging, informative, made me want to learn more. ~ Bruno Mancari