Project Description

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The half-day training with Microsoft Certified Trainer, Vickie Sokol Evans resulted in an ROI of $276,938 in productivity savings for the Foundation.

Gates Foundation - Assistants Day of Learning Sept 15, 2015

About the Event

  • 3rd Annual “Assistants Day of Learning” on September 15, 2015
  • 125 Attendees
  • Morning Session: Half-day of learning w/ Vickie
  • Lunch: Vickie interviewed Lauren Jiloty, Bill Gates’ Assistant
  • Afternoon Breakout Sessions: Hands-on workshops
    • Word Styles & Style Sets
    • OneNote Tips & Tricks

Details about the results

Anonymous Survey Results

Survey was distributed before lunch and focused on the first part of the day

125 Attendees
84 Survey responses
67% Survey Return Rate
99% Learned new knowledge and or skills
100% Will be able to apply the knowledge and or skills learned
100% Would recommend this session to others
2.6 Average hours saved per week after attending the training
$4,431 USD Annual productivity savings per attendee*
$276,938 USD ROI: Productivity savings for Foundation**
*Annual per attendee calculation: Avg hours saved * 48 weeks * $35/hour
**Foundation calculation: Annual per attendee savings * # of attendees * 50% adoption


Recommend Session?

  • “These trainings should be required by all employees.”
  • “Highly recommend!”
  • “I would recommend this to all Foundation employees as we all use these office systems on a regular basis.”
  • “Incredibly useful, engaging and entertaining. One of the best learnings I have attended at the Foundation.”
  • “HIGHLY recommend!”
  • “Best training I have ever had.”
  • “I would do this training again!”
  • “This is relevant to all employees, not just assistants.”
  • “Vickie Sokol Evans MS Office Timesaving Tips session was so awesome and extremely informative. I gained so much knowledge from this session and recommend that it be provided to all staff.”
  • “Would love to have her come back and go more indepth and/or someone like her for further training.”
  • “YES!”
  • “Lots of useful information.”
  • “I’m going to send your info to my old company!!”
  • “3 hours wasn’t enough. Need more time, because there are so many tips/tricks.”
  • “I wish the managers could attend even just the quick tips section.”

Learner Takeaways

  • “The majority of MS Office users are unaware that they’re only utilizing 13% of the Suite’s capabilities.”
  • “The headings and section moving tip in Word. This blew my mind.”
  • “We aren’t fully utilizing tools for ease of work.”