Project Description

Apollo Management Power Pivot Webinar

The 75-minute online course with Microsoft Certified Trainer, Vickie Sokol Evans, resulted an ROI of $137,000 in productivity savings for the Firm.

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Just finished with the webinar on Power Pivots for Excel with Vickie. Vickie is gold! The presentation and her enthusiasm is absolutely amazing. I look forward to the next webinar. ~ Seth Dunayer, Associate Director, Apollo Management

About the Event

Training Date: July 15, 2015

“Introduction to Power Pivot for Excel” Webinar
Microsoft Power Pivot is an add-in you can use to perform powerful data analysis in Microsoft Excel 2010 and above, bringing self-service business intelligence to your desktop.  In this 75-minute online session, we’ll cover:

  • What Power Pivot is and the benefits of using it
  • Essential tasks: Creating relationships, calculated fields and pivot reports
  • Best Practices when creating reports


165 Registered
110 Attended (67% attended compared to industry average of 30%)
24 Survey responses (22% return rate)

Anonymous Survey Responses

The survey was posted on the screen after the session.

4.1 Course rating (5 is highest)
4.4 Instructor rating (5 is highest)
100% Would recommend this session to others
1.3 Average hours saved per week after attending the training
$2,496 USD Annual productivity savings per attendee*
$137,280 USD ROI: Productivity savings for Firm**
*Annual per attendee calculation: Avg hours saved * 48 weeks * $40/hour
**Firm-wide calculation: Annual per attendee savings * # of attendees * 50% adoption