• Are you dreading your upcoming holiday mailing?
  • Are you losing sleep trying to generate name tags and attendance certificates for tomorrow’s big event?
  • Do your name tags or table tents consistently have embarrassing typos?

Don’t wait until 3 o’clock in the morning! Learn it. Practice it. MASTER IT TODAY!

About the course

Join Microsoft Certified Trainer Vickie Sokol Evans and discover how to produce thousands of error-free name tags, labels, certificates, letters, table tents, personalized emails (and more) in mere minutes, not hours, by using Word Mail Merge for PC and Mac. You’ll master the mail merge process once and for all so that you can work less but better project after project, year after year and use the extra time you’ll save to spend with your family or go see a movie with a good friend – or get some sleep!

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Key Takeaways

  • Effortlessly perform all types of merges: form letters, agreements, certificates, emails, table tents, labels
  • Effortlessly prepare your data to reduce time and produce error-free results
  • Streamline the process to make it easier each time

Additional Benefits

  • Understand the anatomy of a Mail Merge
  • Learn Vickie’s 5-Step Mail Merge Blueprint to producing error-free results
  • Discover how to pull data from multiple data sources, such as Outlook, your CRM, online registration tool, CSV files, and more
  • “Clean up” the data, create new fields automatically and remove duplicate
  • Prepare all types of documents for PC & Mac
  • Learn Vickie’s recommended file format for your data source
  • Understand what to do to prepare for the next mailing and event
  • Handle one-offs

Very well done!  Clearly explained at a pace that doesn’t drag at all.  I did pause and rewind as needed because I was taking notes to be shared with others, but I’d rather pause/rewind than fall asleep waiting for the next piece of information.  Pausing also allowed me to work along with the video to ensure that there were no surprises when working with a slightly different version of MS.
~ Jon VanDeventer

Benefits for your company

  • Reduction in errors such as typos, missing information or misspelled names and reduce complaints from customers and attendees
  • Technology skills development which heightens my/our preparedness for higher-level projects
  • Technology skills that are in line with best practices to ensure the company remains competitive
  • A more confident and collaborative team
  • Smarter use of our resources (people, process & technology) to deliver higher quality results
  • Significantly reduce time, effort & costs associated with time-intensive mail merge projects for meetings and mailings

I like the interaction and discussion during the webinar.  I felt like I was in the same room and not just watching a movie.
~ Terry

Included in the Boot Camp

The Course

  • Module 1: Effortlessly perform all types of merges: form letters, agreements, certificates, emails, table tents, labels
  • Module 2: Prepare your data to reduce time and produce error-free results
  • Module 3: Troubleshoot & streamline the process
  • Bonus Module: Using data from Outlook
  • Bonus Module: Mail merge using Office for Mac
  •  Homework assignments after each module
  • 24 x 7 x 365 access to the recordings
  • Vickie’s slides in PDF format w/ screen shots
  • Certificate of Completion: Every participant will receive a Certificate of Completion! Don’t forget, HR doesn’t know you did this training unless you show them. You worked hard. Reap the rewards!


  • Live or on-demand “Office Hours” call with Vickie typically reserved for Academy Members – Dec 2015
  • Updated tutorial for Word 2016 for Mac Mail Merge process
  • Transcripts of the calls
  • RedCape’s Mail Merge Blueprint

Additional praise for Vickie’s Mail Merge Classes

“Thank you SO much, I honestly don’t know how to best express my gratitude to you for this video. I was on inDesign for 6 hours straight trying to make about 800 name tags and it just would not listen. And then I come across your video, which is so straightforward and so helpful, and just really honestly thank you, and God bless you.  So sleep deprived…”
~ Manal

Thank you…you are a life saver! I don’t do mail merge often enough to remember how to do it the next time, and than it’s always a different version of Word I have to do it on. This is a nice, quick, and easy to understand way of getting going on badge printing.
~Tanya Raz

Non-Academy Member

$397 USD
  • Retail Price

Academy Member

$197 USD
  • 50% off

$397 Non-Academy Members
$197 Academy Members
$497 Academy Membership + 50% off Boot Camp


Technology: Word, Excel, Outlook
Applies to PC versions: Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016
Applies to Mac versions: Office 2011, Office 2016

Date: On-Demand

Total Learning Hours: 3 hours + bonus lessons

Who Attends?
– Executive, personal, and virtual assistants
– Business owners and solopreneurs
– Event planners
– IT Pros/Trainers

Want to Train Your Team?
You’ll want the single-site license to this Boot Camp so that you can broadcast the lessons in a conference or training room. A single-site license comes with a Facilitators Guide to help you successfully deliver the course as if Vickie was there on-site with you! Email support@redcapeco.com to get more information about a single-site license for your office.

Need 1-on-1 help with your complex or large mail merge project?

(Save $200)
Many of you have requested additional help with your Mail Merge. In service to you, we are opening up one-on-one Mail Merge coaching calls with a RedCape Master Coach for $297 (regularly $497) for Boot Camp participants. Use the promo code located on the Boot Camp course page after you’ve purchased the Boot Camp.

Business Case Letter for your Manager

Do you need support from your manager to attend this course? Download and customize this letter!

Working towards Certification?

This course may be eligible for CEU/CPE/CLE credit. Consult the rules of your employer, licensing board, or certifying body if the continuing education credit may be earned for participating in this event and how credit may be utilized. After completing the course, you will be provided an Attendance Verification letter as a proof-of-attendance form.

Download the “Certification Mapping” PDF mapping the skills learned in class to the skills required for the following certifications: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) | IAAP CAP| ASAP PACE | MPI CMP