The R.E.D. Cape Framework™

for Learning Technology

RedCape’s success as the global leader in engaging Microsoft, Google, and Apple productivity training is a direct result of our personalized learning approach and The R.E.D. Cape Framework™ for Learning Technology which includes three phases of learning:

Phase 1: Raise Awareness

Keynote audienceYou’ve heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” And the team here at RedCape doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time. Therefore, before we invite any learner to make a significant investment in technology or productivity training, we want to give them a way to assess their skill level, become inspired, and become aware of what’s possible with the technology they have right at their fingertips. We want there to be a buzz around the office and we want you to look like a rock star for showing them a better way of working so that they can truly work less and better…and deliver killer results faster.

We recommend our signature program Timesaving (& jaw-dropping) productivity tips using Microsoft Office w/ Vickie. This fast paced (but not too fast!) session keeps learners engaged, entertained, and excited about what’s coming next: from basic shortcuts & skills; to new features; to hidden gems that have been sitting there yearning for attention (some in the form of big buttons). Learners will be excited about what’s possible, excited about trying these new tips once they return to their desks, and excited about returning to class to learn more. That’s right!  Only after one session, learners begin delivering results and they are eager to move to Phase 2.

Available formats

On-Demand Course

Facilitate your own learning event to train new hires and multiple departments across multiple days. Unlimited learning!
Our “Training-in-a-box” option includes a Facilitator’s Guide and everything you need to host up to three lunch and learns. Annual productivity savings: $1,260 per learner.

Vickie Live In-Person

Bring Vickie in for a live, presentation for a 2hr or half-day session.
This is the same training event Vickie delivered for Bill Gates’ team. Annual Productivity Savings: $1,260-$2,520 per learner
“Awesome!!! OFF THE CHARTS!!! I texted 3 other employees – encouraging them to come because this was soooo helpful. Sooo informative. Thank you.”
Elaine McWhinney, Financial Manager, The New York Times
“Thank you so much for those great tips! I just wish you could have seen the ‘jaw dropping’ and heard the gasps of amazement when I shared your tips with the PA team here at Roche. Thank you. Your tips and links to RedCape are cascading through the UK organisation at great speed. There is a new found IT enthusiasm as a result – all thanks to you!”
Pauline Delahunt, PA to Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics, UK
“I learnt more in 90 minutes of session with Vickie than I did over the 4 months of my post-graduate class.”
Taryn Daneman, Assistant, Officiating, National Hockey League, Toronto

Phase 2: Enhance Skills

Hands-on session in Uganda

Now that your employees are aware of what’s possible and inspired to continue their journey to improve their productivity and technology skills, our next focus is offering the right deep dive courses to the right learners without compromising the quality of training and their retention. We do this by making sure that learners only seek and attend shorter, more relevant training so that they are able to continue delivering results (Phase 3) immediately after each session.

View our Academy courses or our full Course Catalog for an example of the deep dive courses that can be delivered online or in person.

Available Formats

The RedCape Academy

Online access anytime, anywhere for all of your employees.
The Academy includes a library of courses, live monthly Office Hours with Vickie, and new courses throughout the year. Annual productivity savings: $2,520-$8,400 per learner

Vickie Live In-Person

Bring Vickie in for a live, hands-on course for a 2hr or half-day session.
Maximum number of learners: 15. Annual Productivity Savings: $3,465 per learner for half day event.
“Yesterday, I logged on to the Styles 101 course yesterday at lunch time and it was an EXCELLENT learning session. Really helped me to put the whole Styles thing into proper slots in my brain. I have taken several Styles workshops here and there over the years, but some of it just doesn’t “stick”. The way that you structured your 101 course will really make those learnings stick for me this time. I especially liked seeing the styled and not styled documents compared side by side with the navigation pane. That visual really helped to cement the concepts for me. After I logged out, I immediately added the Navigation Pane to my Quick Access Toolbar, and so I think I’m going to be a regular Styles junkie from now on.”
Anne L., Executive Assistant to the CEO, Canada
“Lucy, I took Vickie’s webinar today (thanks to your recommendation) and I have to say you were 100% right. She was brilliant. I almost wept at some of the time-saving tips. I consider myself to be fluent in technology and really didn’t expect to have many AH HA moments, but she blew my mind. And she only had time to cover about 20% of the tips. I ordered the book. Thanks for recommending her.”
Debbi Shaffer, Founder & Board Chair, Audacious Divas
“Vickie opened my eyes to a beautiful, simpler and more efficient way to work. Vickie’s patience and sense of humor make the material easy to understand and implement in daily practices. Being an active RedCape Academy member literally feels like I have Vickie at my side ALL the time!! I’m continually learning and incorporating best practices every single month.”
Bobby Huebner, Managing Director, Accomplished Traveler, NYC

Anonymous Survey Comments from Vickie’s online sessions

  • “Awesome content and very understandable demonstrations and explanations.”
  • “It was a great webinar … yet again!  Thank you!”
  • “Fabulous webinars! All the employees I pass this opportunity to email me back with nothing but great words, excitement, and say how useful it was. They just wished they’d learn this information sooner!”
  • “Love, love, love, this trainer.  I have learned some awesome tips.  I so hope that my job will allow me to go to one of her in classes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Vickie is a great trainer and very easy to understand and very energetic.”
  • “This was action packed.  Glad to know I can access a recording.”
  • “Thank you!  I do really enjoy the webinars.  I’ve attended 2 so far, and look forward to more!”
  • “Fantastic presentation and presenter!  Seeing presenter perform the tasks and explaining them was worth 10,000 words or more!”
  • “What a wonderful event.  It exceeded my expectations.  The shortcuts and the styling, grabbing the corner box in excel will streamline things for me. I will recommend for entire company. Thank you! “
  • “Exceeded expectations. I would like to take this session again to pick up more tips.”
  • “Great time saving tips!  I will be moving to the next version of Office now!”
  • “Vickie was great! I simply love her and want to see her doing other sessions, because I will join for sure.”
  • “It was AWESOME!  Thank you so very much!  I look forward to putting these tips to use! Thanks for offering this valuable information via a webinar!”
  • “She’s great!  Covered lots of goodies. Look forward to emails on future webinars.  Thanks so much!”

Phase 3: Deliver Results

Deliver Results

We’ve structured our R.E.D. Cape Framework™ to produce results throughout the entire learning process in Phases 1 and 2 so that employees are implementing new skills and best practices after each one of our sessions. This creates sustainable productivity throughout your company, produces better results for your deliverables, reduces mistakes, inspires employees to use more of the company’s technology investments, and boosts morale.

To identify the tangible ROI, we use learner surveys after each event estimating the annual productivity savings you can experience. Here’s how…

ROI – RedCape Productivity Benefits

Based on post-event surveys, learners report saving AT LEAST 1 hour of time per week PER learner after only 1 hour of class with Vickie. The ROI calculations estimate the productivity savings your company can experience based on 48 workweeks per year with 50% adoption/retention rate for presentations and online classes and 75% adoption/retention rate for hands-on courses. Hourly rate is calculated at $35 USD. If you would like to calculate your specific ROI, email for a copy of our ROI calculator. To see the ROI report from one of our previous events, visit:

“@redcapeco Formatted my first Word Doc using your tips last week…MAGIC! If you were here I would have hugged you ;-)”
Michelle McCarthy, @ShellMcC
“I am happy to report that I did a very small PowerPoint project this morning. In the past it has taken me a VERY long time to stumble my way through everything. It was a BREEZE today, Vickie! I was so shocked at how much I retained from having attended your online course over two months ago. I created a beautiful 22 slide presentation from scratch in under 45 minutes. That included interruptions. So fast and SO flippin’ easy! Thank you, thank you!”
Linda Montgomery, Personal Assistant
“I prepared a PowerPoint for my presentation to a diverse team spread across Europe, Middle East and Russia using some of the tips I learnt from Vickie last week. I was amazed at how confident I felt because I was nervous when my boss told me she wanted me to lead the session a few weeks back. I am pretty proud of myself, I must say! I received positive feedback and one said she loved it and thought it looked like a professional marketing presentation :-D. Now the bar has been set pretty high to deliver more.”
Karima Akil‎, Senior Administrative Assistant, Intel

How the framework benefits your company

If you still aren’t convinced this will work for your company, click here to understand how our training methodology can help your bottom line and why you should choose us over any other productivity training company. No fluff or marketing speak here! The benefits and advantages of choosing RedCape are based on actual customer feedback and proven results.

Client references are available from: Microsoft, ADP, The New York Times, Ericsson, Starbucks, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and of course, Bill Gates’ office.

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