June17 Worldwide webinarFor those of you who already know me, you definitely know I’m all about timesaving and productivity. This month at RedCape, we’re raising the bar even higher with an around-the-globe, live webinar series on Wednesday, June 17th—our very first superhero blockbuster right at your desk.

Many of you have asked for an event that you can access locally—without the time and expense of travel—and that you can share with your entire team (either together in a conference room or at multiple sites). I’m personally thrilled to bring you this event, and I’m very excited to be joining with audiences in Australia, England and the United States—all on the same day!

There will be three live webinar sessions, all at 1pm local time starting with Sydney, Australia (1pm AEST), followed by London, England (1pm GMT) and finally New York, USA (1pm EDT). Each webinar will be recorded, so even if you can’t make your preferred live webinar session, you will have on-demand access to the replay.

At each webinar, I’ll be sharing the most popular productivity tips from my signature “Tips & Tricks” session that I’ve presented to large and small audiences, including Bill Gates’ team (no pressure there!).  This engaging session is designed for all skill levels to increase efficiency, accuracy and organization. And it’s for anyone who desires the increased confidence, and the sense of freedom, that comes from knowing how to accomplish an Office task quickly and easily.

Sure, we may not be collecting any actual stamps in our passports, but we’re still going to have a wonderful experience uniting with Office superheroes around the world. Please join us—we’re going to have a great time together!

Sign up today for an individual registration, single-site registration for a group viewing (hello team-building opportunity!), or multi-site registration with up to 50 logins. Need more info? Check out our event FAQs, including how to make the case to your manager to approve your registration!