Academy LogoCorporate Memberships

The Academy is a members-only learning platform for employees to master the technology at their fingertips: the Microsoft Office System – so that they can get more done in their day, reduce late hours at the office and deliver killer results FASTER!

Corporate Memberships are a great way to train your entire team with On Demand learning that your employees can immediately implement in their jobs.  See huge savings in both time and money after just a few hours of training.

Learners receive

  • 24 x 7 access to our library of 14+ 60-90 minute courses
  • Invitations to free 60-90 minute courses at least 4-6 times per year
  • Live monthly Office Hours with Vickie
  • Ability to submit questions and interact live with Vickie
  • Ability to suggest monthly topics

What you get

A corporate membership to the Academy (Corporate Account) provides the best value, most content, at-your-desk, on-demand learning for employees, as well as a direct relationship with RedCape. About your corporate Academy account:

  • Assigned Account Manager to set up employee memberships
  • Custom corporate page within employees’ accounts for employer-specific communication
  • Live, online orientation (and replay) with instructor Vickie Sokol Evans
  • Ability to submit topic requests, scenarios and feedback to help direct content in the Academy
  • Guidance from RedCape on how to increase employee participation in the courses

Save $1M in annual productivity

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…After only one hour of learning, employees have new skills they can use right away, practical tips and tricks that will make them look like rock stars, and all the superhero confidence that comes with knowing what tools to use (and how to use them) to get the job done!


After only one hour of learning, employees are doing more in less time, reducing late hours at the office, and delivering BETTER results FASTER.


After only one hour of learning, employees are inspired to come to work.


After only one hour of learning, seeing a higher return on your technology investment because your employees are using more than the average 13% of the technology.


After only one hour of learning, employees will save at LEAST 1 hour per week, or 48 hours per year, PER employee.


Employees not stopping at one hour… but eagerly investing in 1-2 hours a month of learning.


Seeing these results with as little as a $500 investment per year per employee.

Purchase a Corporate Membership to the RedCape Academy for your Superhero Employees

The Academy is for your team if…

  • Employee workloads have increased
  • Employees feel overwhelmed with the work on their plate
  • Employees are working extra hours in order to have quiet time to meet deadlines
  • You need to hire more team members (or clone the ones you have) but can’t
  • It seems like employees spend more time formatting and less time on creating high value content
  • Employees have been wanting to improve their technology skills
  • You know employees aren’t working effectively with the technology
  • You’ve been disappointed by training providers in the past because they were too generic and consequently a waste of time and training dollars.

Employee Benefits

  • Immediate access to relevant training using real world scenarios from someone they trust and who understands their role
  • Online content which is available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week from any device and browser
  • Improved productivity and confidence
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Provides a sense of freedom from knowing how to use the right tools for the right job

Team Benefits

  • Technology skills development which heightens employee preparedness for higher-level projects
  • Technology skills that are in line with best practices to ensure your company remains competitive
  • Reduced employee overtime and burn-out
  • Fewer help desk calls
  • A more confident and collaborative team