Speaker’s A/V requirements

Thank you for booking a RedCape event. Below are the speaker’s A/V requirements.

Many state-of-the-art facilities and conference rooms will have the speaker’s slides (and hardware to run the slides) in the back of the room, or in some cases, the projector will be in the middle of the room. Neither scenario will work for our sessions. Vickie will be demonstrating live technology tips on her computer and will need her computer with her. Therefore, it is essential that the VGA or HDMI projector cable can reach the speaker’s laptop that will be with her in the front of the room.

NOTE: This is a technology session. Vickie presents from a laptop in the front of the room in order to demonstrate the technology. She will need to be hands-free, with her computer at the front of the room.

See example delivery…

Other requirements


Lav mic is preferred. Vickie will need to be hands-free in order to use her computer. If a Lav mic is not available, the next option would be a hand-held mic that is connected to a stand, which will limit her ability to walk around but it’s the next best thing. Hand-held mic without a stand will not work since she will be demonstrating technology.

PowerPoint & Other Files:

Vickie will bring her own Windows laptop with the slide deck and supporting files loaded on the system. Vickie will also have a backup laptop (Mac and PC) ready to go in case anything happens to the first one.

Cables & USB:

Vickie has all of her adapters, cables and a USB drive. A 10’ VGA cable is available upon request, but she doesn’t normally travel with it. Everything else, she has.


Vickie will have her own clicker to advance any slides. She will also have back up batteries.


In most cases, sound is not required. It is dependent on the presentation.


Internet connection is required for Digital Productivity and Social Media presentations. Vickie has her own hotspot, as a back up (United States only).

Video Recording:

If you have pre-arranged to record the session, we would be most grateful to receive a copy of the recording in 1080 x 760 HD format.

Most Critical Thing:

…is that the audience can see Vickie present (hands-free) at the front of the room and that she has her laptop with her to present from, which is successfully projected onto a screen.

Thank you!

We look forward to delivering a world-class, engaging event for your audience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email support@redcapeco.com. We’d be happy to connect with you on a call to walk through the set up. 1-877-814-6413