Praise for the Overall Content & Delivery

Live Keynote Presentations

  • The 45 Tips in 45 Minutes was amazing! Do you deliver on-site training? (Answer: Yes!)
  • Funny… I thought I was pretty good with keyboard “shortcuts” to perform some tasks in Office applications until I saw your 30 Tips in 30 Minutes presentation. I felt like a kid watching a magician doing 30 magic tricks in 30 minutes! Great stuff… THX!
  • Your 30 Tips in 30 Minutes presentation was excellent and fun! I can’t wait to see the Mac tips.
  • Best presentation! Helpful tips.
  • OMG you are a lifesaver! Thanks for the time saving tips. My brain almost hurts I learned so much today. Thank you.
  • You just saved me 3 hrs/wk with your MS Office tips. Thx Vickie!
  • I attended your workshop yesterday in San Antonio. You were great and I love all of my new tips! I am a member now and fanatical about the shortcuts.
  • Loved the Jerry Maguire spin… There were a few “you had me at hello” pointers for me! Loved your content. Awesome!
  • Love seeing coworker’s blushing face to see his expert Excelling was not exactly up to par!
  • Thank you so much for the 30 tips. The information is useful and can be put into play immediately – a big plus.
  • Great tips, will save me many hours and make life much easier.
  • I’ve attended quite a few seminars over the last 30 years. You did a great job. Keep up the good work. You’re a real pro.
  • I am marking my calendar as a day that changed my life!

Hands-On Training

Tips in Minutes – Hands-on Course for Sales Managers (Delivered Oct 2011 in Boston)

This course is a must do – The content is practical, targeted, & delivers real value – your team is using what they learned the minute they are back to work. Exceptionally designed & delivered by a rock star facilitator and teacher who adapts the course for you. See full testimonial on LinkedIn

Jean-Paul (JP) Guilbault, Vice President, Sales and Indirect Channels at Constant Contact

Word 2010 Styles, Style Sets & Themes Full-day Class (Delivered 2011 in Austin, TX)

We’ve made great strides in improving our proposal document, especially thanks to our knowledge of styles. Our proposals are now consistent with our corporate brand and we’ve reduced the time it takes to generate new proposals.

Online Webinars and Distance Learning

Office 2010 Tips & Tricks Webinar for HP – Sponsored by Microsoft – (Delivered 2012 Online Webinar Format)

  • Great, great, great!!
  • Excellent presentation. Thank you for sharing this knowledge!
  • I did not expect such a good presentation. Very well done.
  • Very good overall. Quick enough to keep you engaged and cover a good variety of topics.
  • Really enjoyed this! There are so many tools that I will explore to make my job easier. Thank you!
  • Great time saving tips! I will be moving to Office 2010 now!
  • I found useful tips that will definitely help me.
  • I like all the tips, extremely helpful!!!!
  • Really useful for my day to day work:)
  • The presentation was very crisp and to the point. I am very sure this is going to improve my productivity.
  • Great session – I learned a lot and will begin using some of these features today! Thank you!!
  • A great use of my time.:-) Thank you so much. Great job, Vickie!
  • Excellent use of time.
  • Exceeded expectations. I would like to take this session again to pick up more tips.
  • When is the next session?

Excel Pivot Tables Webinar for Texas state employees hosted by Texas Department of Information Resources & Sponsored by TASSSC (2012)

Praise for Vickie

Keynote Presentations

  • Session was great – you have a fabulous presentation style!
  • You are simply awesome.
  • Excellent speaker/presentation. Fun, great ideas, very useful info.
  • I felt like a kid watching a magician doing 30 magic tricks in 30 minutes!
  • This was outstanding and I would have happily come 2-3 hours earlier for 60 tips from Vickie.
  • Vickie is hilarious.
  • NOT looking forward to presenting AFTER @redcapeco. #shestoogood

Hands-On Training

Vickie is knowledgeable, proactive, clear and concise, and brings a lot of fun to learning. She is a master of the tools and applications, creative in facilitation, and adds the intangible component of an engaging personality.See Full Testimonial on LinkedIn

Jean-Paul (JP) Guilbault, Vice President, Sales and Indirect Channels at Constant Contact

Online Deliveries (Webinars & Distance Learning)

  • Excellent course and instructor
  • Great instructor. I learned a lot and I’m sure my presentations will never be the same.
  • Very, very knowledgeable instructor. The whole training session was professionally conducted. Brilliant team.
  • Vickie is a very good trainer! Great job!
  • Vickie was great! I simply love her and want to see her doing other sessions, because I will join for sure.
  • Excellent instructor.