Personalized Learning

No off-the-shelf training here! We offer personalized learning options for our superhero clients, students, and partners because we believe that no two superheroes are alike. And neither is their training.

How we personalize each event

AudienceCorporate Audiences: Administrative/Executive Assistants, Business Owners, Managers, Executives, HR department, Marketing/PR, Finance/Accounting, etc.

Small/Medium Businesses: Administrative/Executive Assistants, Business Owners, Employees
FormatAuditorium-style presentation, livestream, webinar, hands-on workshops, hands-on class, Train the Trainer, RedCape Academy, or your LMS
DeliveryOn-site or Online
ModeLive or On-Demand
Length15 minutes to full day events
PlatformPC, Mac
TechnologyMicrosoft, Apple, Google
Technology VersionSessions available for PC: Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016 and Mac: Office 2011, Office 2016

Sounds complex but we have a super simple process

After you submit an initial training request from our Contact Us page, we will conduct a complimentary strategy session with you to understand your audience, objectives, and requirements. Then we pull together our modular courses to build the perfect learning event personalized just for your team!  This includes a custom ROI projection to see how much time your company will save in productivity after working with us.