About our courses

Education Puzzle

RedCape’s success as the global leader in engaging Microsoft, Apple and Google productivity training is a direct result of three things:

  1. our trademark learning framework,
  2. our practical (& relevant!) content, and
  3. our ability to provide an engaging learner experience that inspires employees to want to come to class.

Other important benefits of RedCape’s training include personalized learning, thought leadership (identifying what it means to be tech savvy), and certification mapping.

“Learnt some great tips. Very engaging. Didn’t look at my watch once during the two hours. Please come back!!!! ”

~Nadia Tupper, Personal Assistant, Apollo, London

Erica Lamanna“My mind has been blown away. Vickie has inspired me to “get with it”. With technology I used to view it as doing my laundry.  Vickie has erased that mindset! She has motivated me to get certified, do the webinars and improve myself. Thank you, Vickie!”

~ Erica Lamanna, Advisor & Senior Board Coordinator, Metrolinx, Toronto

Caution: A side affect of our training is that employees can’t wait to return to their desks to try out their new skills!

Lisa Bissonette“YOU COMPLETE ME! I want to go home right now to create a document!!! Yes. On a Saturday night.”  [After attending a Saturday workshop with Vickie]

~ Lisa Bissonette, Executive Assistant, U.S. Bank Wealth Management