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“LinkedIn for Business Users”

Deliver results faster for your company by using your brand, your network and a global database of people who can help you get the answers you need

Discover how to use LinkedIn to fill open positions, find a vendor, or help find a connection for your manager within minutes, not days. You’ll learn valuable tips & tricks to stay relevant in today’s tech savvy world, which includes the importance of developing your own personal brand and becoming a brand ambassador for your company. Build your brand, develop your network, solve problems, and become a valuable asset to your company using LinkedIn. You’ll never look at LinkedIn the same!

RoseMarie Terenzio“You’re right! I will never look at LinkedIn the same again. Are you KIDDING me?! I had NO idea how valuable this tool was to help me solve problems that would normally take me days. You just rocked my world!” ~ RoseMarie Terenzio, Business Owner, RMT PR Management & NY Times bestselling author, “Fairy Tale Interrupted”

“How I can see your Facebook posts”*

Discover how colleagues, customers, partners, HR and even your manager can see your Facebook posts in their Inbox even if they aren’t connected to you. 

Unless you’re part of my family, a close friend of mine, a classmate, old boyfriend or someone I’m stalking, I’m pretty sure that we aren’t connected on Facebook. Yet. But if you email me it’s quite possible (and scary) that I can see that you’re leaving for a 7-day cruise vacation (Bon voyage!), or that you were at the lake last weekend (Nice abs), or that you feel strongly – very strongly – about the upcoming political race (Yikes! Did you really write that?). I can see this personal information because I’m using a tool in Outlook that collects relevant information about you and presents it to me in a very convenient way. Don’t shoot the messenger. And don’t blame it on Outlook. What gets displayed about you in the People Pane is a result of six things. Attend this eye-opening session to:

  • See what tool presents relevant information about you when you email someone who uses Outlook
  • Understand the six things that allow the recipient to see your private posts
  • Know the three steps you can take to protect yourself, your executive and the people you care about

“So glad you are helping us all be more mindful of our social media footprints. There are NUMEROUS friends and family that I wish would learn these things! THANK YOU!” ~ Kalae Verdeja, Executive Assistant, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities