Microsoft PowerPoint Titles

  • Most of these titles apply to both PC & Mac platforms.
  • Deliveries available for Corporate Training & Conferences
  • (*) Asterisk indicates the course is currently available in the RedCape Academy

“PowerPoint Slide Masters”*

Time saving secrets to managing and merging your presentations in PowerPoint

Merging slides and maintaining consistency throughout your PowerPoint presentations is a task that often results in frustration, panic, and missed deadlines. After years of training and supporting hundreds of PowerPoint users, Vickie found that 90% of the time knowledge of Slide Masters would have reduced errors and helped deliver excellent PowerPoint presentations in no time. Learn the step-by-step process and secret tips of how to effortlessly format your presentations using Slide Masters. The days of spending hours rearranging and formatting content in PowerPoint are sure to be over, as well as the tears.

  • Structure your presentations to ensure consistency throughout
  • Use Vickie’s litmus test to understand what is happening with your slide
  • Learn effective ways to fix problem slides
  • Confidently merge presentations

“PowerPoint Tips & Tricks”

Whether you are a PowerPoint expert or you just “get by”, learn simple and practical tips & tricks that will help you produce professional-looking presentations with minimal effort

  • Use timesaving shortcuts to improve efficiency and development time
  • Manage slides using layouts and Themes to ensure a consistent look and feel
  • Become an instant graphic artist with confidence

“PowerPoint for Meeting Planners”

The RedCape Guide for creating template slides for your speakers and presenters

If you’re a meeting planner, event planner, conference organizer, marketing/branding specialist or anyone responsible for creating presentation templates and you’re spending hours not only creating the template but additional unnecessary hours fixing and troubleshooting problem slides, I have some great news.

In PowerPoint for Meeting Planners, I show you how to create simple presentation templates that incorporate your brand, look and feel making it super easy for presenters and speakers to drop in their content. You’ll spend less time creating and managing your template, you’ll have the confidence you’re sending the right framework to your speakers and presenters, plus you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that they are adhering to your event or organization’s standards. With knowledge of Slide Masters, layouts and themes, the days of spending hours rearranging and formatting content in PowerPoint are sure to be over, as well as the barrage of emails and phone calls from your speakers and presenters unsure what to do.