Microsoft Outlook Titles

  • Most of these titles apply to both PC & Mac platforms.
  • Deliveries available for Corporate Training & Conferences
  • (*) Asterisk indicates the course is currently available in the RedCape Academy

“Outlook Tips & Tricks”

Microsoft Outlook can help manage all aspects of your day so that you have more control over your time and communications. In this session, discover timesaving and jaw-dropping productivity tips in Outlook that will make you wonder how you ever lived – or rather worked — without them. Implement these strategies and you might even win employee of the month. Learn how to…

  • Reduce your email volume
  • Save time for yourself and others
  • Locate information quickly
  • Save lives by learning important digital etiquette tips

“Automate your work using Outlook Rules, Alerts, Quick Steps & Quick Parts”

Improve your response times and reduce human error. Discover ways to make Outlook work for you by automating your incoming and outgoing email as much as possible. Learn how to…

  • Automate repetitive steps & manual processes
  • Set up boiler plate responses
  • Route and process email

“Calendar Management: Syncing Across the Devices”

“Wait! That meeting was here just a minute ago and it’s still on my laptop calendar! Why is it gone from my iPhone???” How many times have you heard this from someone you support? Having issues with syncing between your boss’ MAC and your PC in Outlook? Worse still, you have a presentation in 5 minutes and just realized that it’s NOT on your iPad but on your PC at the office! Come learn from the experts the tips and trick to make sure your devices synch properly and what to do when they don’t!

  • Access Outlook on any device: Mac, PC, online, and Smartphones
  • Discover the features available in each of the platforms and the limitations for each
  • Test syncing scenarios and best practices when creating meetings
  • Learn about cloud-based storage options and determine the best service for your team to access the latest version of your files anywhere any time

“Outlook on the Go”

Outlook has features specifically designed to speed things along, and you can take advantage of them. Learn to use Quick Steps, integrate with social media, synchronize your Outlook and Google calendars, create your own keyboard shortcuts, and more. Learn how to use advanced search capabilities and categories to minimize the time you spend searching for information. Build momentum into your day!

  • Learn timesaving tips & tricks to help reduce email volume
  • Manage all of your calendars (Outlook, Gmail, Team) in one place
  • Use the Search tools and the People Pane to quickly access mail and attachments
  • Automate repetitive steps & manual processes using Quick Steps
  • Customize Outlook using categories, Quick Parts and keyboard shortcuts

“Outlook and the Team”

Collaborate and share with others using Outlook’s advanced features. Discover the most effective ways to share folders, contacts, calendar entries, and journal entries. Create bulletin boards and email rules, configure “Send on Behalf of,” and customize your Outlook window. Also learn to mail merge to specific contacts, how to archive, and much more. You will be the Outlook Superstar!

  • Understand the various sharing features
  • Configure your account or a manager’s account to enable sharing
  • Configure your account to access other Outlook folders and set specific options
  • Automate repetitive steps & manual processes
  • Set up boiler plate responses
  • Route and process email using rules
  • Create labels and personalized emails to specific contacts