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RedCape is the global leader in engaging Microsoft, Google and Apple end-user productivity training, which you, your team, and your audience will love!

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Imagine…After only one hour of learning, employees saving at LEAST 1 hour per week and are inspired to come to work. Imagine employees not stopping at one hour but eagerly investing in 1-2 hours a month of learning.

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Imagine…After only one hour of learning, you have new skills you can use right away, practical tips and tricks that will make you look like a rock star, and all the superhero confidence that comes with knowing what tools to use (and how to use them) to get the job done!

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Imagine…After only one hour of learning, your attendees are saving at LEAST 1 hour per week, are both entertained and inspired, and immediately feel that your event paid for itself after attending a RedCape session. Imagine attendees wanting to come back to your event again and again.

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