RedCape believes your inner superhero shines when you have all the best tools & gadgets at your fingertips. That's why we outfit business users of corporations, law firms, and small & medium businesses with the technology skill sets that help them do their jobs faster, more effectively, and with less frustration.


Most of us already have incredibly powerful productivity software sitting on our computer, we just don't know how to use it to really make our lives easier. RedCape offers engaging presentations, webinars, hands-on training, migrations, and floor support as well as custom projects for more specialized needs.


Are you ready to stop hiding behind dark glasses and let your true superpowers shine? Check out our upcoming classes to find a session that will let you save the day! When technology leaves you powerless, grab your cape!



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About Vickie Sokol Evans

Red Cape Company Founder, Microsoft Productivity Instructor/Presenter & Bestselling Author

Vickie Sokol Evans is the founder and President of RedCape, a highly-regarded technology training company focused on real world technology skills needed for small businesses, executives and their assistants, as well as any business user who wants to maximize the technology at their fingertips.

Bestselling author of the series for both PC & Mac, Vickie is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Office Master Instructor with over 15 years of classroom training experience, specializing in the productivity platform, such as Microsoft Office, OneNote, SharePoint, and Lync and includes Microsoft's latest cloud offering, Office 365. Formerly a business/data analyst with Microsoft, she travels the globe delivering live Jerry Maguire-inspired "Tips in Minutes” keynote presentations to a variety of audiences; teaching engaging instructor-led courses; and facilitating Microsoft Experience Center events for many of Microsoft’s largest customers.

Vickie has delivered more than 1,000 time-saving "technology tips and tricks" presentations and classes around the world to corporations, law firms, hospitals, professional groups and associations that are both educational and entertaining. Additionally, Vickie and her team of instructors deliver webinars, hands on training, and 1-on-1 coaching. 

Her passion is empowering business users, including admins and executives, to increase the return on their technology investment. She has trained and coached thousands of professionals across the country including most notably employees and executives at the New York Times and the celebrity assistants of Olympia Dukakis, Edie Falco, James Taylor, Kathleen Turner and Sofia Coppola, among many others.

Having studied improv comedy in New York, Dallas and Austin, her improv background makes her highly adaptable and flexible during her sessions so that you end up learning MORE than what you expected.

Caution: There’s a very good chance you will both laugh and cry during one of her sessions. She will.

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