Red Cape helps superhero professionals like you learn technology on your own terms.

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Tell us how we can help you and your company maximize the technology you already own and get MORE done in LESS time!

Go beyond keyboard shortcuts with advanced tips and training in full-day, hands-workshops or custom webinars for your team. Book a training and development session today!
Need help formatting Word docs or figuring out Pivot Tables in Excel? Join us for fun training webinars or at conferences all of over the world!
Inspire your audience with fast-paced tech tips from an improv comedy performer and Microsoft Certified Trainer. Book a Keynote Presentation for your group or conference today!

Red Cape Technology Training

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RedCape is the global leader in engaging Microsoft, Google and Apple productivity training for the world’s busiest superhero assistants, executives, and their teams.
By providing practical, engaging and relevant best practices and guidance employees get more done in one day, reduce late hours at the office, and boost their confidence in their skills so that they can produce professional results FASTER. This guarantees your company will:

    • Efficiency
    • Technology ROI
    • Time
    • Effort
    • Paperwork
    • Productivity
    • Skills
    • Quality

One hour is class with RedCape saves at least 1 hour per work week!  That may seems small but calculated x50 employees and your organization could be gaining 200 hours per month!

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